jacket diagram

Please take these measures wearing just a thin shirt or undershirt or with no shirt at all. Simply note the following measures on a sheet of paper so you can comapre your findings to our listed measurements found under the PRODUCT MEASUREMENTS tab or so you can request assistance from us. Please always refer to the information found under the SIZING TIPS tab that is specific to each product.


There is no industry standard for grading size: Any jacket we offer in, say, size 42, may very well not be the same measure as another jacket of the exact same size made by a different company, or even if made by the same company. Ultimately, chest measure is the most important area to properly fit, then all other areas of measure will have to fall into place. And some individuals who are extremely tall may find that body and/or sleeve length are more important to accommodate than even chest measure.

Do NOT attempt to guess your size in our jackets, and please understand that no jacket can be two jackets in one (you may have to make a compromise in fit somewhere). The best look is achieved wearing a shirt and undershirt, or a medium-weight sweater with undershirt; the goal being a trim, sleek look. If the application of our jackets is with multiple layers of clothing, then the original look will be compromised. When purchased oversized, please keep in mind that the jacket will fit NOT trimly but LOOSELY when fewer clothes are worn.

It is best to compare your actual body measures to the measurements of one of our products found under the tab
PRODUCT MEASUREMENTS, then follow our sizing pointers found under the tab SIZING TIPS, which are specific to each product. And never be reluctant to ask us for sizing advice; we’re here to help you get the best fit possible!

As a rule here, if the jacket squares up nicely on the shoulders when worn with the sort of clothing you will wear most of the time, falls about 1 1/2" below the top of your trousers (if a waist-length jacket), allows you to reach into trouser pockets and recover keys, wallet and change without discomfort or pain, as well as allow normal strides while walking, then this is very likely a good fit and how the jacket would have been worn when originally issued.

Using the good-fit test where one draws their arms across their chest as a barometer for snugness will almost certainly produce some binding in an A-2 jacket of the correct size, and thus push you further up the sizing scale into a very large A-2 jacket. A true 1940s A-2 jacket has no bi-swing action back (as found on the USN M-422A or G-1jackets, USAAF B-6, Tanker jacket, etc.) and is not cut for such a great range of movement as experienced when doing the arm-crossing act. If you can get that sort of movement range without binding in one of our A-2s, then it will surely be rather loose and sloppy when you aren't drawing your arms across your chest in front of you.

What makes more sense, having a jacket that looks great and feels fine during 90% of your activities, or only when you cross your arms in front of you? Do you walk around with your arms crossed in front of you? The choice is yours and we will gladly oblige all tastes, but do try to get the look originally intended.



Caps - Measure the circumference around the widest portion of the head just above the ears and brow where the cap will sit. The number you derive from this exercise must be converted to a numerical cap size. Please use the chart below to convert your head circumference measure to a numerical cap size, which will then enable you to following the SIZING TIPS for our caps to place and order.

If you need any assistance, please contact us.

Head Circumference Inches Head Circumference Centimeters Hat Size
22" 56 cm 7
22 3/8" 57 cm 7 1/8
22 3/4" 58 cm 7 1/4
23 1/8" 59 cm 7 3/8
23 1/2" 60 cm 7 1/2


Gloves - Measure the circumference around the widest portion of the knuckles (excluding thumb) while holding your hand flat. The number you derive, say, 9”, is your numerical glove size. With select glove styles on this web site we ask you to provide us with this number derived from measuring your hand knuckle circumference, then we’ll make the correct size selection for you in conjunction with your input. Where we request this information, please provide the true number even if your hand measure falls between numbers, say, 9 ¼”; you’ll be able to add a memo to your order in the checkout process informing us as to the details of your hand measure and we’ll intereact with you to determine if rounding this number up is the best choice. Always follow the SIZING TIPS for each product to determine what you need to know for ordering.

If you need any assistance, please contact us.



A) WAIST - Using a tape measure, measure the full circumference in a 360-degree circle around your waistline where you plan to you’re your jeans or trousers (if you have a large mid-section but plan to wear the jeans or trousers below your belly, then measure the area where you will wear the jeans or trousers). It is sometimes better to measure the widest portion of your waistline regardless of where you actually where your jeans or trousers, which is the case when measuring yourself for a jacket or shirt. Always follow the SIZING TIPS for each product to determine where it is best that you should measure.

B) INSEAM – While wearing the footwear you normally would have on with the jeans or trousers you plan to order, measure your inseam length with a measuring tape beginning at the highest point of either inside leg up in the crotch area and measure down the inside leg to where you want the trousers or jeans to end; the measure you derive is your inseam length. This measuring exercise is best performed by another individual while you are standing upright with you legs straight. You may compare your inseam length to the PRODUCT MEASUREMNTS specific for each product found under the tab of this same name or on the PRODUCT INFORMATION tab.

You may also want to compare other areas of fit for each product, such as front rise or thigh width, which are found under the PRODUCT MEASUREMNTS tab specific to each product.

If you need any assistance, please contact us.