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 Buzz Rickson’s
1940’s U. S. Army and USAAF
Officers’ Low-Quarter Service Shoes

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 An officer serving in the U. S. Army of the 1940’s was not issued much in the way of clothing. Officers received a clothing allowance as part of their monthly pay and this was to be used to privately purchase uniforms from the base clothing store or quartermaster, off-base commercial shops or to engage a private concern for custom making of one’s uniform. By 1942, the U. S. Army and Army Air Forces did have available a government-contracted low quarter service shoe for officers to purchase. Many officers preferred this shoe style simply because it was usually less costly than shoes available from commercial merchants and it was easily obtained directly on base. A War Production Board directive for limiting the consumption of leather in the fabrication of shoe soles spawned a spec. change for the officer service shoe by the end of 1942, whereby a hard black rubber sole tap was added on top of the full leather sole, thus greatly prolonging the service life of the shoe by easily enabling resoling with another rubber tap after the first tap wore down. In this manner, the high-quality leather sole and uppers could have their service life extended for years, saving both money and precious leather for increased production of other critical war-related items of clothing and gear.

Buzz Rickson’s has, once again, reproduced a long-lost classic from the 1940’s to absolute perfection. Unquestionably, these are the world’s most authentic, highest quality copies of the russet brown lace-up oxfords worn by all officers of the U. S. Army and USAAF in the 1940’s. This is a true, classic shoe style, lovingly crafted by hand with a genuine Goodyear leather welt and sole and luxuriously leather lined, exactly the way most shoes used to be made before the mass-produced, molded-sole shoes of the current era destroyed the shoe industry. Unlike the hideous square-toed, molded-sole fashion chic shoes currently available, these officer shoes can be resoled time and time again, providing years and years of use from the high-quality, classic-style leather uppers. These shoes are crafted to perform like the original examples, not just look the part as is so common these days with inferior copies of such items geared toward the re-enactor market. The quality of materials and workmanship found in these shoes are what one would expect from other top brands of the 20th century, such as Alden or Allen-Edmonds, both of which would cost one more than what our Buzz Rickson’s do now. Whether longing for real-deal 1940’s officer shoes to complete a uniform ensemble, looking for exceptional and unique footwear not found in shopping malls, or simply in pursuit of a comfortable, plain-toe oxford in classic russet brown that will never be out of style and could be worn with jeans, khaki’s or dress slacks, these are an absolute MUST!!!

Buzz Rickson’s service shoes are crafted from top-quality materials and follow the original army specs. in every way. They are even formed on original army shoe lasts for ultimate authenticity in shoe shape, fit, and comfort, an important detail conspicuously missing on shoes from lesser manufacturers. In fact, the only other U. S. Army service shoes that have been made to this level of detail are the original vintage examples of the U. S. Army Quartermaster Museum! Take note of these authentic features:

• Original-style embossing into leather sole of size and lot data

• Crafted and formed using original army shoe lasts for total authenticity, proper shoe shape and comfort

• Exact copy of the U. S. Army 1940’s black rubber sole tap for extended sole life (reproduced at extreme tooling expense), which has been sewn onto full leather sole and then tacked down with brass nails for added strength, just as on the original 1940’s examples

• Exact copy of the Light Tread brand 1940’s black rubber “Triple Wear” heel tap for extended heel life (reproduced at extreme tooling expense), which has been nailed in place with 13 heavy-gauge tacks for added strength, just as on the original 1940’s examples

• Stacked leather full sole and (wooden-core) heel for extra strength

• Genuine Goodyear leather welt construction for authenticity, maximum comfort and durability (the quality of welting leather employed in the manufacture of this shoe equals that found on original examples)

• Off-white, all-cotton heavy welting cord for total authenticity

• Full leather lining to interior for comfort, durability and wicking of perspiration

• Gorgeous, super-durable, deep-toned russet brown leather uppers with a chrome tanned base and vegetable re-tan, exactly matching 1940’s specs. for the U. S. Army

• Quarters are quadruple-stitched on for maximum strength, durability and authenticity

• One-piece vamp for total authenticity and smart looks

• Heavy toe box for durability, retention of shape, longevity and toe protection

• Six-eyelet tongue for maximum support and authenticity

• 100% cotton waxed laces for maximum water resistance, durability and authenticity, precisely matching 1940’s specs.

Buzz Rickson goods are imported from Japan.

Sizes 7-10 1/2 by half-size increments in only one width.